What is Biokinetics?

Biokineticists functions within the Professional Alliance to health and medicine, and is recognised by and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPSCA). This profession is concerned with physical wellness, final phase rehabilitation and health promotion.


What does Biokinetics involve?

A Biokineticist, also known as an exercise specialist, aims to improve a person’s physical wellbeing and quality of life. This is done by performing an initial assessment, comprising of assessing posture, strength, flexibility and functional movements. Once all areas of focus have been identified, it’s followed by prescribing, correcting and monitoring movement patterns. All sessions are individualised as to progress at the rate of each individual’s improvement.


Scope of Practice

We can help in the following areas:


Sport Specific

From weekend warriors to elite athletes, all sports have its challenges and with those challenges, injuries may occur. Through the Biokinetic process, areas of weakness and overcompensation due to faulty movement patterns can be identified and treated by individualised exercise prescription.

Goal setting and training plans specific to individual’s sports are essential for maintenance and long term achievements. Sports that have benefitted from the above include runners (from 5km to Comrades), swimmers, golfers, cyclists, tri-athletes, netball and rugby players, mountaineers and rowers.



Due to the increased rate of child disorders it’s more important than ever for kids to be active. Biokinetics can provide a platform to address certain conditions through specific exercise prescription.

Low muscle tone, autism, ADHD and obesity are some of the areas which have shown benefits from regular play. Through exercise the body is trained to develop and adapt to different situations which is important for mental development, increased attention span, dealing with pressure, multitasking skills, body awareness, functional movements and overall health.


Pre- and post-natal

Some of the most common symptoms during and after pregnancy are upper and lower back pain. This is not a surprise as weight gain causes the centre of gravity to shift, placing additional strain on postural structures. Biokinetics addresses this by strengthening and stretching the necessary muscles responsible for correct posture.



For many people over a certain age who haven’t been active for a while or have had an injury, the thought of starting an exercise routine can be a scary process. Through the process of Biokinetics, these individuals will be assessed (posture, strength, flexibility) and guided to optimally utilise their resources.

Wessels Biokineticists can provide home based exercise sessions.


Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Due to the overall increase in busyness of people’s lifestyles, more time is spent sitting and less time is spent exercising. This may cause chronic overuse injuries.


Biokinetics can assist through exercise prescription for the following:

  • Neck, upper and lower back pain (regular headaches, SIJ pain, poor posture)
  • Shoulder injuries (impingement, frozen shoulder, dislocation)
  • Hip injuries (clicking hip syndrome, hip replacement, bursitis)
  • Knee injuries (ACL repair, patella dislocation, ITB syndrome, hamstring tendinopathy)
  • Ankle injuries (ankle sprain, ankle instability, flat feet)

The above is treated by correcting posture, improving flexibility, strengthening related support structures and modifying movement patterns.



Wessels Biokineticists can assist with two areas of wellness:

  1. Corporate wellness
    • This involves ergonomic assessments and desk set up. By setting up each individual’s desk accordingly, employees will benefit from improved posture.
  2. Vitality and Multiply fitness assessments
    • Through Vitality and Momentum’s wellness point structure, individuals can complete a fitness assessment. This is used to assess their current health status and identify areas which need focus; we also discuss training programs and future fitness goals.


Wessels Biokineticists